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Did you know, 2024 is an opportunity for you to up your PROPERTY GAME PLAN?

Yes, property prices are at all time high and we are waiting for the market to dip.

In the past, the dip were in double digits from 42% to 33% to 10% and eventually single digit of 8%.

How easy is it for you to time the market? If you bought in 2013 and made a 28% increase before the 8% decrease, what is the overall gains?

And if you bought in 2020 when everyone was fearful, you would have gained 31%... How easy is it to time the market?

Property is a long term investment, no one can time the market. However, here's an opportunity for you!

Before 2022, the gap between new launch condos and resale condos were as high as $600psf! As resale prices continue to rise, the price gap is decreasing, making it a safer investment!

Only until recently, the price gap for some condos dropped to under 15%.

Here are some examples of new launches selling at near-resale prices today:

This has two implications:

  • Purchasing brand-new launch condos will provide you with greater value.

  • If you sell now, your resale home will most likely be at its highest price.

What can you do?:

  • Exit your property with locked-in profits and avoid property depreciation. (Wealth Protection)

  • Upsize existing by Cash out / Decouple from existing home and to use profits for a bigger size to gain the price gap between new launch and resale. (Wealth Accumulation)

  • Exit from rental homes and INVEST in New Launches OCR/RCR segments and profit upon TOP due to declining rents. (Wealth Maximization)

Thinking about purchasing or selling real estate?

Making such a big decision—whether it's your first purchase or sale—can be intimidating, especially in light of the wealth of information on the market.

In order to make an informed decision, you need pertinent information that is unique to your situation.

For this reason, it is crucial to look for a specialist who has assisted clients in the past with successful case studies. Jia En has the know-how to expand their portfolio using up-to-date, real-world data.

Are we in the “buyer’s market”?

We’re going into a buyer’s market and you can also take advantage of that as a buyer! In 2023, there were over 40 New Launches and in 2024, there are over 30 New Launches!

The real estate supply has exceeds the demand because there are more new properties available and more cooling measures to reduce the demand of private properties.

Here's the other signs of the buyer market and why you should take advantage of it:

  • Abundance of options: With a wide selection of homes for buyers to consider

  • Longer Days on Market: Properties staying on the market for an extended period

  • Attractive Price: Developers are cautious with asking prices to attract buyers.

  • Decreased Bidding Wars for Resale Homes: With fewer buyers competing for the same property, the intensity of bidding wars tends to decrease in a buyer's market.

About Jia En

Hello, I am Jia En. I have seen directly how a wise real estate decision can have a long-lasting positive impact on someone's life, and conversely, how a poor real estate decision can put someone back years and wipe out all of their savings.

Join me as we explore in-depth real-world case studies, and practical insights that have assisted investors in making successful resale real estate investments. It is the fundamental knowledge that i have which help them to make the best choice possible for all of their real estate matters.


This is NOT a one-size-fits-all solution. Everybody has different housing requirements, aspirations, and financial circumstances. This needs to be tailored especially for you in order for it to function for you.

Schedule a conversation with me to discuss your upgrading path and to find out more about these:

  • Which wealth strategies suits you and your family now (Wealth Protection, Wealth Accumulation, Wealth Maximization)

  • The ideal condos with potential for price appreciation in three to five years

  • Assets restructuring so you have lesser cash down payment when you buy a property

  • Your real estate asset can double in asset value and increase your wealth over the next five to ten years

Fill in the form at the bottom of the page below or click the Contact Now button to initiate a conversation!

Take the first step to making your home ownership dreams a reality!

Act fast, as units are being snapped up and this window of opportunity won’t remain open indefinitely!


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